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Sycamore Technology was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2002 by industrial designers Danny Gasser and Michael Hort, in order to pursue their passion for excellence in design and engineering by developing and manufacturing innovative contemporary products.

We are currently working on a range of ceiling fans to complement the single blade Sycamore Ceiling Fan. Our goal is to make them more effective, more efficient and quieter than existing ceiling fans.

We believe that sustainable manufacturing philosophies are vital for the future of our planet, and are adopting environmentally friendly manufacturing materials and processes wherever possible.

The Sycamore Story
Back in 1997 when we designed and built the first prototype (with Ben Shepherd and Quisinh Tran) of the Sycamore Ceiling Fan it was probably the only single bladed ceiling fan in the world. Our first prototype won an award in the Design Resource Awards International competition, and generated so much interest that we decided to develop it further.

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In 2001, we started developing the design for production. The original prototype blade was refined through a series of iterations, each one tested for air flow delivery using a hot wire anemometer. It took us over a year, but we finally achieved our aim of making a beautiful, quiet, efficient blade which matches the airflow of conventional fans, while operating at lower speed. The final blade design was modelled using 3D CAD for manufacture, to ensure the highest quality product.

We were determined to make our ceiling fan as good as possible in every other area too, and a great deal of effort has gone into the detail design of the Sycamore Ceiling Fan in order to make it reliable, robust, and easy to install and use. Only the highest quality components and materials are used, and an excellent quality of finish has been achieved in the final product.

We hope that you like the result!
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