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Australian Design Award Winner
The remarkable performance of the Sycamore Ceiling Fan has been achieved through the development of the innovative dynamically balanced single blade.

The organic form of the moulded plastic blade delivers excellent air flow with virtually no wind noise at lower operating speeds than conventional 3 or 4 bladed fans, creating a more comfortable environment.

The low operating speed also allows the form of the blade to be appreciated even when the fan is in use.
Sycamore Fan Blade Conventional Fan Blade
The specially designed aerofoil profile operates at low speed (80-160 rpm) and provides high air flow for cooling with low turbulence and minimal wind noise. Flat fan blades used on most ceiling fans require high operating speeds (typically 80 -220 rpm) to achieve high airflow, creating high turbulence and wind noise.
Natural Breeze Effect
Operating at three low speeds (80, 120 and 160rpm), the Sycamore Ceiling Fan creates a comfortable, gentle, natural breeze.
Quiet Operation
The low degree of turbulence created by the Sycamore blade provides whisper quiet operation.
Energy Efficiency
Aerodynamic blade design and low operating speed make the Sycamore Ceiling Fan very energy efficient.
Beautiful Form
With its sculptural, organic form, the Sycamore Ceiling Fan will create a dramatic feature in any setting.
Optional Remote Control
An optional full feature remote control is available for the Sycamore Ceiling Fan.
Easy Installation
The Sycamore Ceiling Fan is designed for quick and easy installation, saving time and effort.
High Quality Design and Construction
Designed and built to the highest standard, the Sycamore Ceiling Fan has a robust, corrosion proof blade and high strength metal components with a sleek, durable finish.
Factory Balanced Blade
Every Sycamore Fan blade is balanced in the factory to ensure quite operation and a long life.
Reliable Motor with Tropical Rating
The Sycamore Ceiling Fan is powered by a reliable, high quality motor, which is approved for use in tropical climates.
Packaging for the Sycamore Ceiling Fan uses environmentally responsible, fully recyclable pulp paper inserts, minimising the use of traditional poly foam.
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